Sun Hydraulics

Sun Hydraulics offers a wide range of hydraulic cartridges and manifolds with various options and features to cover most hydraulic requirements.

A reliable manufacturer known for their durable quality, Sun Hydraulics will suit your needs and our curated collection of tried-and-tested components will make your selection process a breeze.

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Sun Hydraulics Valves from Blue Hydraulics

Blue Hydraulics are a Stockist and Reseller of official Sun Hydraulics valves. Our expert engineers have curated a standardised collection of valves that suit most applications without the fear of impossible lead times. Our in-stock range of Sun Hydraulics valves balances performance and compatibility for affordable components that deliver.

Sun Hydraulics: Pressure Relief and Regulating Valves

Blue Hydraulics offer pressure relief and regulating valves in a variety of cavity sizes in 2, 3 or 4 port options, that function at up to 800 l/min, are fully adjustable up to 350 bar, and are available as direct acting or pilot operated relief valves.

  • RV*A Pilot Operated Vented Relief Cartridges - Three Port
  • RD*A Direct Acting Differential Area Pressure Limiting Relief Cartridges – Two Port
  • Two Port Low-pressure-range, direct-acting relief valve
  • RP*C Pilot Operated Pressure Regulating Relief Cartridges - Two Port
  • RBAE Pilot Relief Cartridges, Direct Acting - Two Port

Sun Hydraulics: Pressure Reducing and Relieving Valves

Blue Hydraulics offer a range of reducing and relieving valves in different cavity sizes. Sun Hydraulics valves have a reducing function from port 2 to 1 and relieving function from port 1 to 3. Our pressure reducing and relieving valves are adjustable up to 315 bar, have a max inlet pressure of 350 bar, and are offered in both 3 port and 4 port configurations.

Sun Hydraulics: Counterbalance Valves

Counterbalance valves prevent the drift of loads on a hydraulic system. Sun Hydraulics counterbalance valves utilise an internal, external or atmospheric drain design, and come in a range of pilot ratios. Plus, Blue Hydraulics offer counterbalance valves in a range of cavity sizes.

  • CW** Vented Counterbalance Valves with Pilot-to-Open Assist - Four Port
  • CA** Atmospherically Vented Counterbalance Valves with Pilot-to-Open Assist - Three Port
  • Stability
  • CB** Counterbalance Valves - Three Port

Sun Hydraulics: Sequence Valves

Sequence valves can be used to modulate flow from the inlet port to the outlet port, in a similar way to a relief valve, provided that the inlet pressure is greater than the sequence valve setting along with the back pressure on the drain. Blue Hydraulics sequence valves provide a constant inlet pressure regardless of the outlet pressure, are available in 5 different cavity sizes up to 480 l/min and fully adjustable with operating pressure up to 350 bar.

  • RS*C Pilot Operated Pressure Regulating Sequence Cartridges – Three Port
  • SC*A Direct Acting Pressure Generating Sequence Cartridges (with reverse flow check) - Three Port

Blue hydraulics offer a range of check and flow control valves with or without a reverse flow check integrated in a single cartridge. Our check valve’s cracking pressure is available in a range of pressures, and our flow control valves are available in a variety of cartridge sizes.

  • CX*A Check Valves - Two Port
  • FD*A Fully Adjustable Pressure Compensated Flow Control Cartridges – Two Port
  • NF** and NC** Needle Cartridges – Two Port

Sun Hydraulics: Cartridge Control Options

Standard screw adjustment is one of the control options Blue Hydraulics offer for Sun Hydraulics cartridges. We can also offer tamper resistant, hand knob and trigrip hand knob controls as standard options on top of additional available options from Sun Hydraulics.

  • C Tamper Resistant Factory Set
  • D Twist Momentary/Lock Manual Override
  • H Calibrated Handknob with Detent Lock
  • K Handknob with Lock Knob
  • Key Lock Kit
  • L Standard Screw Adjustment
  • L Twist Lock Manual Override
  • Manual Override
  • Protective Cap (Series 1 Cartridges)
  • Protective Cap (Series 1 Counterbalance)
  • R Cap with sealed adjustment and lockwire control
  • T Twist Momentary Manual Override
  • W Maximum Setting Limiter
  • Y Tri-Grip Handknob

Sun Hydraulics Manifolds from Blue Hydraulics

Blue Hydraulics offer Sun Hydraulics manifolds in aluminium and ductile iron. Aluminium manifolds are suitable for pressures up to 210 bar, whilst ductile iron manifolds can withstand pressures exceeding 210 bar. We supply manifolds in a variety of cavity sizes.

  • Customised
  • Line mount
  • Motor mount
  • Sandwich
  • Sub plate

Sun Hydraulics Accessories and Options from Blue Hydraulics

Blue Hydraulics offer a wide variety of seal kits for Sun Hydraulics cartridge valves. It is much more cost effective to replace a damaged seal than to replace a whole valve. We also supply stud rods and stud nuts for CETOP3/NG6 valves.

  • Atex solenoid
  • On board electronic
  • Stainless steel 316

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