Sun Hydraulics CX*A Check Valves - Two Port

CXKA-XAN Check Valve - Two Port


CXJA-XEN Check Valve - Two Port


CXJA-XCN Check Valve - Two Port


CXJA-XAN Check Valve - Two Port


CXHA-XAN Check Valve - Two Port


CXFA-XEN Check Valve - Two Port


CXFA-XCN Check Valve - Two Port


CXFA-XAN Check Valve - Two Port


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Shop CX*A Check Valves - Two Port at Blue Hydraulics

Blue Hydraulics stock a variety of Cartridge Check Vales in a range of cavity sizes and cracking pressures. Check Valves are also commonly known as Non-Return Valves in the hydraulics industry. We can offer free flow from port 1 to port 2 or vice versa with operating pressures up to 350 bar and flow of up to 900 l/min.