Sun Hydraulics CB** Counterbalance Valves - Three Port (In Stock)

CBBA-LHN Counterbalance Valve - Three Port


CBEA-LHN Counterbalance Valve - Three Port


CBGA-LHN Counterbalance Valve - Three Port


CBGG-LJN Counterbalance Valve - Three Port


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Counterbalance valves control motion by guaranteeing the directional valve always sees a positive load pressure, even with overrunning loads. Sun counterbalance valves (with pilot-to-open assist) will shut off with very low (approaching zero) leakage. Absent nicks in the seating area, silting (even with “clean” oil) will normally produce a zero leak seal within minutes after closing. Deceleration control of moving loads can be provided with the proper selection of directional valves and/ or circuitry.